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FLV-POUNDCAKE   Pound Cake by Flavorah
OOO-POUNDCAKE   Pound Cake by One On One Flavors
OOO-POWDEREDSUGAR   Powdered Sugar by One On One Flavors
CAP-POWERFULSOUR   Powerful Sour Flavor by Capella's
FW-PRALINESANDCREAM   Pralines and Cream by FlavorWest
LA-PRALINESCREAM   Pralines and Cream by LA
CAP-PRALINESNCREAM   Pralines and Cream Flavor by Capella's
FLV-PRALINES   Pralines by Flavorah
WF-PRETZELDOUGHSC   Pretzel Dough SC by Wonder Flavours
FW-PRICKLYPEAR   Prickly Pear by FlavorWest
INA-PRICKLYPEAR   Prickly Pear Flavor by Inawera
WF-PRINCESSCAKESC   Princess Cake SC by Wonder Flavours
FLV-PUCKER   Pucker by Flavorah
VT-PUDDINGBASE   Pudding Base by Vape Train
WF-PUFFCEREALCOCOASC   Puff Cereal (Cocoa) SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-PUFFCEREALFROSTEDSC   Puff Cereal (Frosted) SC by Wonder Flavours
FLV-PUMPKINBREAD   Pumpkin Bread by Flavorah
TPA-PUMPKIN   Pumpkin by TFA / TPA
WF-PUMPKINCANDYSC   Pumpkin Candy SC by Wonder Flavours
REAL-PUMPKINPIE   Pumpkin Pie by Real Flavors
REAL-PUMPKINPIEEXT   Pumpkin Pie Extract by Real Flavors
HAN-PUMPKINPIE   Pumpkin Pie Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
FLV-PUMPKINSPICE   Pumpkin Spice by Flavorah
FW-PUMPKINSPICE   Pumpkin Spice by FlavorWest
DV-PURPELLO   Purpello Concentrate by Decadent Vapours
INA-PURPLEBLUSH   Purple Blush Flavor by Inawera
INA-PYRAMID   Pyramid Tobacco Flavor by Inawera
CONC-PYRAMID   Pyramid Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor
FA-QUEEN   Queen by Flavour Art
MOLIN-QUEENGRAPES   Queen Grapes by Molin Berry
TPA-QUINCE   Quince Flavor by TFA / TPA
WF-QUINCEJELLYSC   Quince Jelly SC by Wonder Flavours
REAL-RAINBOWCANDY   Rainbow Candy by Real Flavors
REAL-RAINBOWCANDYEXT   Rainbow Candy Extract by Real Flavors
CAP-RAINBOWCANDY   Rainbow Candy Flavor by Capella's
FW-RAINBOWCANDY   Rainbow Candy Flavor by FlavorWest
TPA-RAINBOWDROPS   Rainbow Drops Flavor by TFA / TPA
DV-RAINBOWFRUIT   Rainbow Fruit Concentrate by Decadent Vapours
DOS-RAINBOWHARDCANDY   Rainbow Hard Candy - DIY One Shot
FW-RAINBOWLINEGUM   Rainbow Line Gum Flavor by FlavorWest
FW-RAINBOWSHERBERT   Rainbow Sherbert by FlavorWest
LB-RAINBOWSHERBERT   Rainbow Sherbert Flavor by Liquid Barn
OOO-SHERBETHOUSE   Rainbow Sherbet (House) by One On One Flavors
OOO-SHERBETTOPSHELF   Rainbow Sherbet (TOP SHELF) by One On One Flavors
REAL-RAINBOWSHERBETEXT   Rainbow Sherbet Extract by Real Flavors
FLV-RAINIERCHERRY   Rainier Cherry by Flavorah
TPA-RAISIN   Raisin Flavor by TFA / TPA
FLV-RAISINRUM   Raisin Rum by Flavorah
FA-RASPBERRY   Raspberry (Berryl) Flavor by Flavour Art
LA-RASPBERRY-CLEAR   Raspberry (Clear) by LA
TPA-RASPBERRY-SWEET   Raspberry (Sweet) Flavor by TFA / TPA
DOS-RASPBERRY   Raspberry - DIY One Shot
FLV-RASPBERRY   Raspberry by Flavorah
GLF-RASPBERRY   Raspberry by Great Lakes Flavours
OOO-RASPBERRY   Raspberry by One On One Flavors
REAL-RASPBERRY   Raspberry by Real Flavors
INA-RASPBERRY   Raspberry Concentrate (Malina) Flavor by Inawera
DV-RASPBERRYDRIPPLE   Raspberry Dripple Concentrate by Decadent Vapours
REAL-RASPBERRYEXTRACT   Raspberry Extract by Real Flavors
CAP-RASPBERRY   Raspberry Flavor by Capella's
FW-RASPBERRY   Raspberry Flavor by FlavorWest
LA-RASPBERRY   Raspberry Flavor by LA
TPA-RASPBERRY   Raspberry Flavor by TFA / TPA
VT-RASPBERRYJAM   Raspberry Jam by Vape Train
WF-RASPBERRYJELLYBEANSC   Raspberry Jelly Bean SC by Wonder Flavours
DOS-RASPBERRYLEMONADE   Raspberry Lemonade - DIY One Shot
INA-RASPBERRYSHISHA   Raspberry Shisha Flavor by Inawera
CONC-RASPBERRY   Raspberry Super Concentrated Flavor
CAP-RASPBERRYV2   Raspberry V2 by Capella's
FW-RAZZLEBERRY   Razzleberry Flavor by FlavorWest
VT-RBENERGYDRINK   RB Energy Drink by Vape Train
FW-RE4NU   Re(4)nu Flavor by FlavorWest
FLV-REDAPPLE   Red Apple by Flavorah
FW-REDAPPLE   Red Apple Flavor by FlavorWest
CONC-REDAPPLE   Red Apple Super Concentrated Flavor
FA-REDBEAN   Red Bean Flavor by Flavour Art
FW-REDBOWL   Red Bowl Type by FlavorWest
FLV-REDBURLEY   Red Burley by Flavorah
REAL-REDCANDYBURST   Red Candy Burst by Real Flavors
REAL-REDCANDYBURSTTYPEEXT   Red Candy Burst Type Extract by Real Flavors
MOLIN-REDCHERRY   Red Cherry by Molin Berry
FLV-REDCINNAMON   Red Cinnamon by Flavorah
FW-REDCOWBOY   Red Cowboy Flavor by FlavorWest
REAL-REDENERGYEXT   Red Energy Extract by Real Flavors
REAL-REDHOTCINNAMONEXT   Red Hot Cinnamon Extract by Real Flavors
FW-REDLICORICE   Red Licorice by FlavorWest
TPA-REDLICORICE   Red Licorice Flavor by TFA / TPA
TPA-REDOAK   Red Oak Flavor by TFA / TPA
FLV-REDRASPBERRY   Red Raspberry by Flavorah
REAL-REDSODAEXT   Red Soda Extract by Real Flavors
FLV-REDTEA   Red Tea by Flavorah
TPA-REDTOBACCO   Red Type Blend Tobacco Flavor by TFA / TPA
FLV-REDVELVET   Red Velvet by Flavorah
TPA-REDVELVETCAKE-0002   Red Velvet Cake by TFA / TPA - 10 ML
TPA-REDVELVETCAKE-0008   Red Velvet Cake by TFA / TPA - 1000 ML
TPA-REDVELVETCAKE-0005   Red Velvet Cake by TFA / TPA - 120 ML
TPA-REDVELVETCAKE-0006   Red Velvet Cake by TFA / TPA - 250 ML
TPA-REDVELVETCAKE-0001   Red Velvet Cake by TFA / TPA - 3 ML
TPA-REDVELVETCAKE-0003   Red Velvet Cake by TFA / TPA - 30 ML
TPA-REDVELVETCAKE-0007   Red Velvet Cake by TFA / TPA - 500 ML
TPA-REDVELVETCAKE-0004   Red Velvet Cake by TFA / TPA - 60 ML
TPA-REDVELVETCAKE-0009   Red Velvet Cake by TFA / TPA - Gallon
REAL-REDWHITEBLUEEXT   Red White Blue Popsicle Extract by Real Flavors
FW-REDWINE   Red Wine Flavor by FlavorWest
REAL-REDWHITEBLUE   Red, White and Blue Popsicle by Real Flavors
FW-REINDEERPOOP   Reindeer Poop Flavor by FlavorWest
CAP-CHERRYCOLA   RF Cherry Cola Flavor by Capella's
CAP-ENERGYDRINK   RF Energy Drink Flavor by Capella's
CAP-RFSWEETSTRAWBERRY   RF Sweet Strawberry Flavor by Capella's
CAP-RFSWEETTANGERINE   RF Sweet Tangerine Flavor by Capella's
FA-RHAPSODY   Rhapsody Flavor by Flavour Art
FLV-RHUBARB   Rhubarb by Flavorah
GLF-RHUBARB   Rhubarb by Great Lakes Flavours
REAL-RHUBARB   Rhubarb by Real Flavors
OOO-RHUBARBCRISP   Rhubarb Crisp Flavor by One On One Flavors
REAL-RHUBARBEXT   Rhubarb Extract by Real Flavors
INA-RHUBARB   Rhubarb Flavor by Inawera
VT-RHUBARBRAW   Rhubarb Raw by Vape Train
VT-RICEBASE   Rice Base by Vape Train
REAL-RICEKRISPIES   Rice Crispy Treat by Real Flavors
REAL-RICECRISPYTREATEXT   Rice Crispy Treat Extract by Real Flavors
TPA-RICECRUNCHIES   Rice Crunchies Flavor by TFA / TPA
FW-RICEKRISPIES   Rice Krispies Flavor by FlavorWest
OOO-RICEPUDDING   Rice Pudding Flavor by One On One Flavors
FLV-RICHCINNAMON   Rich Cinnamon by Flavorah
SD-ICE   Rick's Sugar Daddy Ice Sweetener
SD-ORIGINAL   Rick's Sugar Daddy Sweetener Original
SD-VANILLA   Rick's Sugar Daddy Vanilla Sweetener
TPA-RIPEBANANA   Ripe Banana Flavor by TFA / TPA
WF-RIPEGALIAMELONSC   Ripe Galia Melon SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-RIPEPEARSC   Ripe Pear SC by Wonder Flavours
CAP-RIPESTRAWBERRY   Ripe Strawberry Flavor by Capella's
WF-ROASTEDHAZELNUTSC   Roasted Hazelnut SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-ROASTEDPECANSANDCREAM   Roasted Pecans and Cream by Wonder Flavours
FW-ROCKSTAR   Rockstar Type by FlavorWest
REAL-ROCKYROADICE   Rocky Road Ice Cream by Real Flavors
REAL-ROCKYROADICECREAMEXT   Rocky Road Ice Cream Extract by Real Flavors
DOS-ROOTBEERBITE   Root Beer Bite - DIY One Shot
FLV-ROOTBEER   Root Beer by Flavorah
LA-ROOTBEER   Root Beer by LA
OOO-ROOTBEER   Root Beer by One On One Flavors
CAP-ROOTBEER   Root Beer Flavor by Capella's
FW-ROOTBEER   Root Beer Flavor by FlavorWest
LB-ROOTBEER   Root Beer Flavor by Liquid Barn
TPA-ROOTBEER   Root Beer Flavor by TFA / TPA
DOS-ROOTBEERFLOAT   Root Beer Float - DIY One Shot
OOO-ROOTBEERFLOAT   Root Beer Float Flavor by One On One Flavors
TPA-ROOTBEERFLOAT   Root Beer Float Flavor by TFA / TPA
WF-RBFLOATGUMMYCANDYSC   Root Beer Float Gummy Candy SC by Wonder Flavours
REAL-ROOTBEER   Root Beer Fountain Style by Real Flavors
FW-ROOTBEERFLOAT   Rootbeer Float by FlavorWest
FLV-ROSEESSENCE   Rose Essence by Flavorah
REAL-ROSEEXT   Rose Extract by Real Flavors
FA-ROSE   Rose Flavor by Flavour Art
INA-ROSE   Rose Flavor by Inawera
FA-ROYAL   Royal by Flavour Art
INA-ROYALCLUBTOBACCO   Royal Club Tobacco Flavor by Inawera
FA-ROYALORANGE   Royal Orange by Flavour Art
FW-RUBYRED   Ruby Red Flavor by FlavorWest
WF-RUMANDCOLASC   Rum and Cola SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-RUMBABASC   Rum Baba SC by Wonder Flavours
CONC-RUM   Rum Super Concentrated Flavor
VT-RUSSIANVODKA   Russian Vodka by Vape Train
DOS-RY4   RY4 - DIY One Shot
TPA-RY4ASIAN   RY4 Asian Flavor by TFA / TPA
GLF-RY4DOUBLE   RY4 Double by Great Lakes Flavours
TPA-RY4DOUBLE   RY4 Double Flavor by TFA / TPA
FA-RY4   RY4 Flavor by Flavour Art
TPA-RY4   RY4 Flavor by TFA / TPA
HAN-RY4   RY4 Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
CONC-RY4   RY4 Super Concentrated Flavor
CONC-RY5   RY5 Super Concentrated Flavor
FA-SAFFRON   Saffron Flavor by Flavour Art
VT-SAHARATOBACCO   Sahara Tobacco by Vape Train
WF-SALMIAKLIQUORICESC   Salmiak Liquorice (Salty) SC by Wonder Flavours
FW-SALTWATERTAFFY   Salt Water Taffy Flavor by FlavorWest
VT-SALTEDCARAMEL   Salted Caramel by Vape Train
FW-SALTEDCARAMEL   Salted Caramel Flavor by FlavorWest
FW-SALTYBALLS   Salty Butter Balls Flavor by FlavorWest
REAL-SAMOAEXT   Samoa Extract by Real Flavors
FLV-SANGRIA   Sangria by Flavorah
REAL-SANGRIA   Sangria by Real Flavors
REAL-SANGRIAEXT   Sangria Extract by Real Flavors
DV-SARSAPARILLA   Sarsaparilla Concentrate by Decadent Vapours
WF-SASKATOONBERRIESSC   Saskatoon Berries SC by Wonder Flavours
FW-SASSAFRAS   Sassafras Flavor by FlavorWest
FW-SCOOBYDRINK   Scooby Drink Flavor by FlavorWest
VT-SCORCHEDCARAMEL   Scorched Caramel by Vape Train
OOO-SCORETOFFEE   Score (Candy) Toffee Flavor by One On One Flavors
VT-SCOTCHWHISKEY   Scotch Whiskey by Vape Train
WF-SESAMECANDYSC   Sesame Candy SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-SESAMEDOUGHSC   Sesame Dough SC by Wonder Flavours
INA-SESAME   Sesame Flavor by Inawera
CONC-SEVENSTARS   Seven Stars Super Concentrated Flavor
FA-SHADE   Shade Flavor by Flavour Art
REAL-SHAMROCKEXT   Shamrock Extract by Real Flavors

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