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MOLIN-BOUNTY   Bounty Flavor by Molin Berry
WF-BOURBONAGEDCREAMSC   Bourbon (Aged Cream) SC by Wonder Flavours
WR-BOURBONCOLA   Bourbon and Cola Flavour Concentrate by Wrecka
FLV-BOURBON   Bourbon by Flavorah
VT-BOURBON   Bourbon by Vape Train
REAL-BOURBONEXT   Bourbon Extract by Real Flavors
WF-BOURBONSC   Bourbon SC by Wonder Flavours
FLV-BOYSENBERRY   Boysenberry by Flavorah
OOO-BOYSENBERRY   Boysenberry by One On One Flavors
VT-BOYSENBERRY   Boysenberry by Vape Train
REAL-BOYSENBERRYEXT   Boysenberry Extract by Real Flavors
FW-BOYSENBERRY   Boysenberry Flavor by FlavorWest
OOO-BOYSENBERRYPIE   Boysenberry Pie by One On One Flavors
WF-BOYSENBERRYRASPBERRYSC   Boysenberry Raspberry SC by Wonder Flavours
FA-BRANDY   Brandy Flavor by Flavour Art
INA-BRANDY   Brandy Flavor by Inawera
CONC-BRANDY   Brandy Super Concentrated Flavor
WF-BRAZILIANCOFFEESC   Brazilian Coffee SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-BREADBANANANUTSC   Bread (Banana Nut) SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-BREADBUTTERTOASTSC   Bread (Butter Toast) SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-BREADSWEETSC   Bread (Sweet) SC by Wonder Flavours
FA-BREADCRUST   Bread Crust Flavor by Flavour Art
OOO-BREADPUDDING   Bread Pudding by One On One Flavors
REAL-BREADPUDDING   Bread Pudding by Real Flavors
REAL-BREADPUDDINGEXT   Bread Pudding Extract by Real Flavors
FA-BREAKFASTCEREAL   Breakfast Cereal Flavor by Flavour Art
FLV-BRIECHEESE   Brie Cheese by Flavorah
DV-BROWNSUGAR   Brown Sugar Concentrate by Decadent Vapours
WF-BROWNSUGARCOOKIESC   Brown Sugar Cookie SC by Wonder Flavours
FW-BROWNSUGAR   Brown Sugar Flavor by FlavorWest
REAL-BROWNIE   Brownie by Real Flavors
REAL-BROWNIEEXT   Brownie Extract by Real Flavors
FLV-BRULEE   Brulee by Flavorah
FLV-BRUTBUBBLEWINE   Brut Bubble Wine by Flavorah
WF-BUBBAGUMSC   Bubba Gum SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-FRUITGUMSC   Bubble Gum (Fruity) SC by Wonder Flavours
FW-BUBBLEGUM   Bubble Gum Flavor by FlavorWest
LA-BUBBLEGUM-CLEAR   Bubblegum (Clear) by LA
TPA-BUBBLEGUM-JUICY   Bubblegum (Juicy Style) by TFA / TPA
DOS-BUBBLEGUM   Bubblegum - DIY One Shot
VT-BUBBLEGUMBASE   Bubblegum Base by Vape Train
FLV-BUBBLEGUM   Bubblegum by Flavorah
LA-BUBBLEGUM   Bubblegum by LA
TPA-BUBBLEGUM   Bubblegum by TFA / TPA
DV-BUBBLEGUM   Bubblegum Concentrate by Decadent Vapours
REAL-BUBBLEGUMEXT   Bubblegum Extract by Real Flavors
CAP-BUBBLEGUM   Bubblegum Flavor by Capella's
INA-BUBBLEGUM   Bubblegum Flavor by Inawera
CONC-BUBBLEGUM   Bubblegum Super Concentrated Flavor
DOS-BULLENERGY   Bull Energy - DIY One Shot
WF-BUMBLEBERRYSC   Bumbleberry SC by Wonder Flavours
CAP-BURLEYBLEND   Burley Blend Flavor by Capella's
FA-BURLEY   Burley Flavor by Flavour Art
INA-BURLEY   Burley Flavor by Inawera
VT-BUTTERBASE   Butter Base by Vape Train
FW-BUTTERCREAM   Butter Cream Flavor by FlavorWest
REAL-BUTTERCREAMEXT   Butter Cream Extract by Real Flavors
CAP-BUTTERCREAM   Butter Cream Flavor by Capella's
FA-BUTTER   Butter Flavor by Flavour Art
TPA-BUTTER   Butter Flavor by TFA / TPA
FW-BUTTERPECAN   Butter Pecan by FlavorWest
CAP-BUTTERPECAN   Butter Pecan Flavor by Capella's
OOO-BUTTERPECANICECREAM   Butter Pecan Ice Cream by One On One Flavors
WF-BUTTERPECANPIE   Butter Pecan Pie by Wonder Flavours
LA-BUTTERRUM   Butter Rum by LA
STIXX-BUTTERRUMCAVENDISH   Butter Rum Cavendish by Stixx Mixx
REAL-BUTTERRUMEXT   Butter Rum Extract by Real Flavors
FW-BUTTERRUM   Butter Rum Flavor by FlavorWest
WF-BUTTERTARTSC   Butter Tart SC by Wonder Flavours
VT-BUTTERTOFFEEBASE   Butter Toffee Base by Vape Train
REAL-BUTTERTOFFEE   Butter Toffee by Real Flavors
REAL-BUTTERTOFFEEEXT   Butter Toffee Extract by Real Flavors
FW-BUTTERTOFFEE   Butter Toffee Flavor by FlavorWest
WF-BUTTERCREAMFROSTINGSC   Buttercream Frosting SC by Wonder Flavours
FW-BUTTEREDPOPCORN   Buttered Popcorn Flavor by FlavorWest
WF-BUTTERMILKSC   Buttermilk SC by Wonder Flavours
FW-BUTTERSCOTCH-NAT   Butterscotch (Natural) Flavor by FlavorWest
FLV-BUTTERSCOTCH   Butterscotch by Flavorah
LA-BUTTERSCOTCH   Butterscotch by LA
REAL-BUTTERSCOTCH   Butterscotch by Real Flavors
VT-BUTTERSCOTCH   Butterscotch by Vape Train
WF-BUTTERSCOTCHCREAMPIE   Butterscotch Cream Pie by Wonder Flavours
REAL-BUTTERSCOTCHEXT   Butterscotch Extract by Real Flavors
FW-BUTTERSCOTCH   Butterscotch Flavor by FlavorWest
FA-BUTTERSCOTCH   Butterscotch Flavor by Flavour Art
TPA-BUTTERSCOTCH   Butterscotch Flavor by TFA / TPA
HAN-BUTTERSCOTCH   Butterscotch Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
FW-BUTTERSCOTCHRIPPLE   Butterscotch Ripple Flavor by FlavorWest
INA-KAKTUS   Cactus (Kaktus) Flavor by Inawera
FLV-CACTUSAPPLE   Cactus Apple by Flavorah
DOS-CACTUSMEDLEY   Cactus Medley - DIY One Shot
DV-CAFEBRASILIANO   Cafe Brasiliano Concentrate by Decadent Vapours
FW-CAFECOFFEE   Cafe Coffee Flavor Concentrate by FlavorWest
FW-CAFECREAM   Cafe Cream Flavor by FlavorWest
VT-CAFELATTE   Cafe Latte by Vape Train
OOO-RASPBERRYCOCO   Cake (Raspberry Coco) by One On One Flavors
OOO-CAKEBATTER   Cake Batter by One On One Flavors
REAL-CAKEBATTER   Cake Batter by Real Flavors
FW-CAKEBATTERDIP   Cake Batter Dip Flavor by FlavorWest
REAL-CAKEBATTEREXT   Cake Batter Extract by Real Flavors
CAP-CAKEBATTER   Cake Batter Flavor by Capella's
CAP-CAKEBATTERV2   Cake Batter V2 Flavor by Capella's
DOS-CANADIAN   Canadian - DIY One Shot
HAN-CANADIAN   Canadian Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
DOS-CANADIANMAPLE   Canadian Maple - DIY One Shot
LA-CANADIANMAPLE   Canadian Maple by LA
INA-CANADIAN   Canadian Type Flavor by Inawera
STIXX-CANADIANVIRGINIAN   Canadian Virginian by Stixx Mixx
CAP-CANDIEDWATERMELON   Candied Watermelon Flavor by Capella's
REAL-CANDYAPPLE   Candy Apple by Real Flavors
REAL-CANDYAPPLEEXT   Candy Apple Extract by Real Flavors
FW-CANDYBAR   Candy Bar Flavor by FlavorWest
REAL-CANDYBASE   Candy Base by Real Flavors
REAL-CANDYBASEEXT   Candy Base Extract by Real Flavors
REAL-CANDYCANE   Candy Cane by Real Flavors
FW-CANDYCANE   Candy Cane Flavor by FlavorWest
FW-CANDYCORN   Candy Corn by FlavorWest
DV-CANDYFLOSS   Candy Floss Concentrate by Decadent Vapours
FA-CANDYJAMMY   Candy Jammy Wizard Flavour by Flavour Art
FLV-CANDYROLL   Candy Roll by Flavorah
WF-CANDYSTICKSC   Candy Stick Candy SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-CANNOLISHELLSC   Cannoli Shell SC by Wonder Flavours
FLV-CANTALOUPE   Cantaloupe by Flavorah
TPA-CANTALOUPE   Cantaloupe by TFA / TPA
CAP-CANTALOUPE   Cantaloupe Flavor by Capella's
FW-CANTALOUPE   Cantaloupe Flavor Concentrate by FlavorWest
FA-CANTALOUPE   Cantaloupe Melon by Flavour Art
FA-CAPPUCCINO   Cappuccino (Italian Relax) by Flavour Art
DOS-CAPPUCCINO   Cappuccino - DIY One Shot
LA-CAPPUCCINO   Cappuccino by LA
LB-CAPPUCCINO   Cappuccino Flavor by Liquid Barn
HAN-CAPPUCCINO   Cappuccino Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
CAP-CAPPUCCINOV2   Cappuccino V2 Flavor by Capella's
OOO-CAPTAINCEREAL   Captain Cereal by One On One Flavors
CONC-CAPTAINJACK   Captain Jack Super Concentrated Flavor
CONC-CAPTAINTOBACCO   Captain Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor
TPA-CAPUCCINO   Capuccino by TFA / TPA
INA-CAPUCCINO   Capuccino Flavor by Inawera
LA-CARAMEL-CLEAR   Caramel (Clear) by LA
INA-CARAMEL   Caramel (Karmel) Flavor by Inawera
TPA-CARAMEL-ORIGINAL   Caramel (Original) by TFA / TPA
REAL-CARAMELAPPLEEXT   Caramel Apple Extract by Real Flavors
WF-CARAMELBUTTER   Caramel Butter by Wonder Flavours
FLV-CARAMEL   Caramel by Flavorah
LA-CARAMEL   Caramel by LA
REAL-CARAMEL   Caramel by Real Flavors
TPA-CARAMEL   Caramel by TFA / TPA
FW-CARAMELCANDY   Caramel Candy Flavor by FlavorWest
OOO-CARAMELCANDY   Caramel Candy Squares by One On One Flavors
TPA-CARAMELCAP   Caramel Cappuccino by TFA / TPA
REAL-CARAMELCAPPUCCINOEXT   Caramel Cappuccino Extract by Real Flavors
FW-CARAMELCINNAMONROLL   Caramel Cinnamon Roll Flavor Concentrate by FlavorWest
CONC-CARAMELCREAMPUFF   Caramel Cream Puff Super Concentrated Flavor
TPA-CARAMELDULCEDELECHE   Caramel Dulce de Leche Flavor by TFA / TPA
REAL-CARAMELEXTRACT   Caramel Extract by Real Flavors
CAP-CARAMEL   Caramel Flavor by Capella's
FA-CARAMEL   Caramel Flavor by Flavour Art
DOS-CARAMELMACCHIATO   Caramel Macchiato - DIY One Shot
VT-CARAMELMOCHA   Caramel Mocha by Vape Train
CONC-CARAMELMOCHA   Caramel Mocha Super Concentrated Flavor
WF-CARAMELPOPPEANUTSSC   Caramel Popcorn and Peanuts SC by Wonder Flavours
OOO-CARAMELPOPCORN   Caramel Popcorn by One On One Flavors
WF-CARAMELRICETREATS   Caramel Rice Crispy Treats by Wonder Flavours
WF-CARAMELSALTEDSC   Caramel Salted SC by Wonder Flavours
HAN-CARAMELTOFFEE   Caramel Toffee Flavor by Hangsen
CAP-CARAMELV2   Caramel V2 Flavor by Capella's
FA-CARDAMOM   Cardamom Flavor by Flavour Art
FLV-CARROT   Carrot by Flavorah
OOO-CARROTCAKE   Carrot Cake by One On One Flavors
VT-CARROTCAKE   Carrot Cake by Vape Train
REAL-CARROTCAKEEXT   Carrot Cake Extract by Real Flavors
WF-CARROTCAKESC   Carrot Cake SC by Wonder Flavours
REAL-CARROTEXT   Carrot Extract by Real Flavors
WF-CASHEWSC   Cashew SC by Wonder Flavours
FA-CATALANCREAM   Catalan Cream Flavor by Flavour Art
FLV-CAVENDISH   Cavendish by Flavorah
INA-CAVENDISH   Cavendish Tobacco Flavor by Inawera
WF-CEDROFRUITSC   Cedro (Fruit) SC by Wonder Flavours
CAP-CEREAL27   Cereal 27 Flavor by Capella's
STIXX-BLACKCHAITEA   Chai Black Tea by Stixx Mixx
VT-CHAIMASALA   Chai Masala by Vape Train
INA-CHAISHISHA   Chai Shisha Flavor by Inawera
FLV-CHAISPICE   Chai Spice by Flavorah
DOS-CHAITEA   Chai Tea - DIY One Shot
CAP-CHAITEA   Chai Tea Flavor by Capella's
REAL-CHAMPAGNE   Champagne by Real Flavors
REAL-CHAMPAGNEEXT   Champagne Extract by Real Flavors
FA-CHAMPAGNE   Champagne Flavor by Flavour Art
TPA-CHAMPAGNE   Champagne Flavor by TFA / TPA
WF-CHAMPAGNESODASC   Champagne Soda SC by Wonder Flavours
TPA-CHEESECAKE-GRAHAM   Cheesecake (Graham Crust) Flavor by TFA / TPA
DOS-CHEESECAKE   Cheesecake - DIY One Shot
FLV-CHEESECAKE   Cheesecake by Flavorah
FW-CHEESECAKE   Cheesecake by FlavorWest
GLF-CHEESECAKE   Cheesecake by Great Lakes Flavours
LA-CHEESECAKE   Cheesecake by LA
MOLIN-CHEESECAKE   Cheesecake by Molin Berry

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