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TPA-LYCHEE   Lychee by TFA / TPA
REAL-LYCHEEEXT   Lychee Extract by Real Flavors
FA-LYCHEE   Lychee Flavor by Flavour Art
DOS-LYCHEEPUNCH   Lychee Punch - DIY One Shot
CONC-LYCHEE   Lychee Super Concentrated Flavor
CONC-MTOBACCO   M Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor
VT-MACADAMIANUT   Macadamia Nut by Vape Train
FW-MACADAMIA   Macadamia Nut Flavor Concentrate by FlavorWest
WF-MACADAMIANUTSC   Macadamia Nut SC by Wonder Flavours
FLV-MACAROON   Macaroon by Flavorah
CONC-MADFRUIT   Mad Fruit Super Concentrated Flavor
FA-MADMIX   Mad Mix (Mad Fruit) Flavor by Flavour Art
TPA-MADAGASCARBOURBONVAN   Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Flavor by TFA / TPA
FW-MADAGASCARVANILLA   Madagascar Vanilla Flavor by FlavorWest
FW-MAGMACURRENT   Magma Current Flavor by FlavorWest
WF-MALAYSIANGUAVASC   Malaysian Guava SC by Wonder Flavours
MOLIN-PINACOLADA   Malibu Pinacolada by Molin Berry - 10 ML
DOS-MALTEDMILK   Malted Milk - DIY One Shot
VT-MANDARIN   Mandarin by Vape Train
FA-MANDARIN   Mandarin Flavor by Flavour Art
CONC-MANDARIN   Mandarin Super Concentrated Flavor
OOO-MANGOCANDY   Mango (Candy) by One On One Flavors
FA-MANGO   Mango (Costarica Special) by Flavour Art
DOS-MANGO   Mango - DIY One Shot
FLV-MANGO   Mango by Flavorah
FW-MANGO   Mango by FlavorWest
LA-MANGO   Mango by LA
REAL-MANGOEXT   Mango Extract by Real Flavors
INA-MANGO   Mango Flavor by Inawera
JF-MANGO   Mango Flavor by Jungle Flavors
TPA-MANGO   Mango Flavor by TFA / TPA
HAN-MANGO   Mango Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
FW-MANGOGUAVA   Mango Guava Flavor by FlavorWest
VT-MANGOJUICE   Mango Juice by Vape Train
INA-MANGOSHISHA   Mango Shisha Flavor by Inawera
CONC-MANGO   Mango Super Concentrated Flavor
FA-MANGOSTEEN   Mangosteen Flavor by Flavour Art
CAP-MAPLEPANCAKE   Maple (Pancake Syrup) Flavor by Capella's
FLV-MAPLEBAR   Maple Bar by Flavorah
TPA-MAPLE   Maple by TFA / TPA
TPA-MAPLEDLX   Maple Deluxe Flavor by TFA / TPA
FW-MAPLE   Maple Flavor by FlavorWest
FW-MAPLERUMTOBACCO   Maple Rum Tobacco Flavor by FlavorWest
WF-MAPLESYRUPCANDYSC   Maple Syrup Candy SC by Wonder Flavours
FA-MAPLE   Maple Syrup Flavor by Flavour Art
TPA-MAPLESYRUP   Maple Syrup Flavor by TFA / TPA
TPA-MARASHINO   Maraschino Cherry Flavor by TFA / TPA
WF-MARGARITACANDYSC   Margarita Candy SC by Wonder Flavours
DV-MARMALADETOAST   Marmalade on Toast (Brekzest) by Decadent Vapours
WF-MARSHMALLOWCANDYSC   Marshmallow (Candy) SC by Wonder Flavours
WF-MARSHMALLOWGOOEYSC   Marshmallow (Gooey) SC by Wonder Flavours
OOO-MARSHMALLOWVANILLA   Marshmallow (Vanilla) by One On One Flavors
FLV-MARSHMALLOW   Marshmallow by Flavorah
LA-MARSHMALLOW   Marshmallow by LA
REAL-MARSHMALLOW   Marshmallow by Real Flavors
REAL-MARSHMALLOWCANDYEXT   Marshmallow Candy Extract by Real Flavors
OOO-MARSHMALLOWCEREAL   Marshmallow Cereal by One On One Flavors
REAL-MARSHMALLOWEXT   Marshmallow Extract by Real Flavors
CAP-MARSHMALLOW   Marshmallow Flavor by Capella's
FW-MARSHMALLOW   Marshmallow Flavor by FlavorWest
FA-MARSHMALLOW   Marshmallow Flavor by Flavour Art
TPA-MARSHMALLOW   Marshmallow Flavor by TFA / TPA
FLV-MARSHMALLOWTREAT   Marshmallow Treat by Flavorah
FLV-MARSHMALLOWVAN   Marshmallow Vanilla by Flavorah
FW-MARTINI   Martini Flavor by FlavorWest
TPA-MARYJANE   Mary Jane Flavor by TFA / TPA
FA-MARZIPAN   Marzipan Flavor by Flavour Art
INA-MARZIPAN   Marzipan Flavor by Inawera
REAL-MASALACHAIEXT   Masala Chai Extract by Real Flavors
WF-MASCARPONECHEESESC   Mascarpone Cream Cheese SC by Wonder Flavours
FA-MAXXBLEND   Maxx Blend Flavor by Flavour Art
FA-MELLOWSUNSET   Mellow Sunset Flavor by Flavour Art
LA-MELON   Melon by LA
INA-MELON   Melon Flavor by Inawera
HAN-MELON   Melon Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
OOO-MELONGUMMY   Melon Gummy Candy by One On One Flavors
DOS-MELONLIMEMEDLEY   Melon Lime Medley - DIY One Shot
DOS-MELONMEDLEY   Melon Medley - DIY One Shot
REAL-MELONMELODYEXT   Melon Melody Extract by Real Flavors
FLV-MELONRIND   Melon Rind by Flavorah
CONC-MELON   Melon Super Concentrated Flavor
MOLIN-MELTYCARAMEL   Melty Caramel by Molin Berry
DV-MENTHOL   Menthol Concentrate by Decadent Vapours
CAP-MENTHOL   Menthol Flavor by Capella's
FW-MENTHOL   Menthol Flavor by FlavorWest
LB-MENTHOL   Menthol Flavor by Liquid Barn
TPA-MENTHOL   Menthol Flavor by TFA / TPA
DOS-MENTHOLICE   Menthol Ice - DIY One Shot
CONC-MENTHOL   Menthol Super Concentrated Flavor
INA-MENTHOLTOBACCO   Menthol Tobacco Flavor by Inawera
DV-MENTHOLYPTUS   Mentholyptus Concentrate by Decadent Vapours
REAL-MERINGUE   Meringue by Real Flavors
REAL-MERINGUEEXT   Meringue Extract by Real Flavors
CAP-MERINGUE   Meringue Flavor by Capella's
FA-MERINGUE   Meringue Flavor by Flavour Art
TPA-MERINGUE   Meringue Flavor by TFA / TPA
FA-METAPHOR   Metaphor Flavor by Flavour Art
MOLIN-MEXICANCACTUS   Mexican Cactus by Molin Berry
DOS-MIAMIVICE   Miami Vice - DIY One Shot
TPA-MILDBLACK   Mild Black Flavor by TFA / TPA
HAN-MILDSEVEN   Mild Seven Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
CONC-MILD7   Mild Seven Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor
FLV-MILKHONEY   Milk and Honey by Flavorah
FLV-MILK   Milk by Flavorah
WF-MILKCARAMELCANDYSC   Milk Caramel Candy SC by Wonder Flavours
FLV-MILKCHOCOLATE   Milk Chocolate by Flavorah
JF-MILKCHOCOLATE   Milk Chocolate by Jungle Flavors
FW-MILKCHOCOLATE   Milk Chocolate Flavor by FlavorWest
INA-MILKCHOCOLATE   Milk Chocolate Flavor by Inawera
INA-MILKCHOCSTRAWBERRY   Milk Chocolate Strawberry Flavor by Inawera
FA-MILKCONDENSED   Milk Condensed Flavor by Flavour Art
REAL-MILKEXT   Milk Extract by Real Flavors
FW-MILK   Milk Flavor by FlavorWest
VT-MILKFRESH   Milk Fresh by Vape Train
WF-MILKSC   Milk SC by Wonder Flavours
VT-MILKSHAKEBASE   Milkshake Base by Vape Train
MOLIN-MILKSHAKE   Milkshake by Molin Berry
WF-MILLEFEUILLESSC   Mille Feuilles SC by Wonder Flavours
REAL-MIMOSA   Mimosa by Real Flavors
REAL-MIMOSAEXT   Mimosa Extract by Real Flavors
DOS-MINTCANDY   Mint Candy - DIY One Shot
LA-MINTCHOCOLATE-CLEAR   Mint Chocolate Chip (Clear) Flavor by LA
LA-MINTCHOCOLATE   Mint Chocolate Chip Flavor by LA
REAL-MINTEXT   Mint Extract by Real Flavors
INA-MINT   Mint Flavor by Inawera
HAN-MINTFROST   Mint Frost Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
DOS-MINTMELON   Mint Melon - DIY One Shot
REAL-MIXEDBERRIES   Mixed Berries by Real Flavors
REAL-MIXEDBERRIESEXT   Mixed Berries Extract by Real Flavors
CAP-MIXEDBERRY   Mixed Berry Flavor by Capella's
WF-MOCHAANDCREAMSC   Mocha and Cream SC by Wonder Flavours
FLV-MOCHA   Mocha by Flavorah
TPA-MOCHA   Mocha by TFA / TPA
REAL-MOCHAEXT   Mocha Extract by Real Flavors
FW-MOCHA   Mocha Flavor by FlavorWest
HAN-MOCHA   Mocha Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
REAL-MOJITO   Mojito by Real Flavors
REAL-MOJITOEXT   Mojito Extract by Real Flavors
TPA-MOJITO   Mojito Flavor by TFA / TPA
TPA-MOJITOHAVANA   Mojito Havana Flavor by TFA / TPA
REAL-MOLASSESEXT   Molasses Extract by Real Flavors
TPA-MOLASSES   Molasses Flavor by TFA / TPA
WF-MOLASSESSC   Molasses SC by Wonder Flavours
FW-MONKEYFART   Monkey Fart by FlavorWest
FA-MONSOON   Monsoon Flavor by Flavour Art
FW-MOOSEMILK   Moose Milk Flavor by FlavorWest
WF-MORABLACKBERRYSC   Mora (Blackberry) SC by Wonder Flavours
FLV-MORNINGMIMOSA   Morning Mimosa by Flavorah
INA-MORNINGRAIN   Morning Rain Flavor by Inawera
FA-MORNINGSUN   Morning Sun Flavor by Flavour Art
FLV-MOSCATO   Moscato by Flavorah
FW-MTDEW   Mt. Dew Flavor by FlavorWest
REAL-MTNJUICEEXT   MTN Juice Extract by Real Flavors
FA-MTSVAPEWIZ   MTS Vape Wizard Flavor by Flavour Art
WF-NANAIMOBARSC   Nanaimo Bar SC by Wonder Flavours
FLV-NATIVETOBACCO   Native Tobacco by Flavorah
MOLIN-GREENTEA   Natural Green Tea by Molin Berry
INA-NATURALMINT   Natural Mint Flavor by Inawera
REAL-NEAPOLITANICEEXT   Neapolitan Ice Cream Extract by Real Flavors
FLV-NECTARINE   Nectarine by Flavorah
TPA-NECTARINE   Nectarine Flavor by TFA / TPA
REAL-NEOPOLITANICECREAM   Neopolitan Ice Cream by Real Flavors
CONC-NEUPORT   Neu Port Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor
CAP-NEWYORKCHEESECAKE   New York Cheesecake by Capella's
FA-NYCHEESECAKE   New York Cheesecake Flavour by Flavour Art
CAP-NEWYORKCHEESECAKEV2   New York Cheesecake V2 Flavor by Capella's
STIXX-NICARAGUANSECO   Nicaraguan Seco by Stixx Mixx
WF-NISPEROSFRUITSC   Nisperos (Fruit) SC by Wonder Flavours
HAN-NO5   No 5 Flavor Concentrate by Hangsen
FA-NONNASCAKE   Nonna's Cake by Flavour Art
INA-NUGAT   Nugat (Nougat) Flavor by Inawera
FA-NUTMIX   Nut Mix Flavor by Flavour Art
FW-NUTELLA   Nutella Flavor by FlavorWest
REAL-NUTMEGEXT   Nutmeg Extract by Real Flavors
FLV-OAKBARREL   Oak Barrel by Flavorah
FA-OAKWOOD   Oak Wood Flavor by Flavour Art
OOO-OATMEAL   Oatmeal by One On One Flavors
REAL-OATMEALCOOKIE   Oatmeal Cookie by Real Flavors
REAL-OATMEALCOOKIEEXT   Oatmeal Cookie Extract by Real Flavors
TPA-OATMEALCOOKIE   Oatmeal Cookie Flavor by TFA / TPA
FLV-OATMEALRAISIN   Oatmeal Raisin by Flavorah
WF-OATSANDCREAMCOOKIESC   Oats and Cream Cookie SC by Wonder Flavours
FA-OBAOBA   Oba Oba by Flavour Art
CONC-OLDCAPTAIN   Old Captain Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor
MOLIN-OMG   OMG by Molin Berry
WF-ORANGECITRUSTANGYSC   Orange (Citrus Tangy) SC by Wonder Flavours
LB-ORANGEBANANA   Orange Banana Flavor by Liquid Barn
FA-ORANGE   Orange by Flavour Art
REAL-ORANGE   Orange by Real Flavors
REAL-ORANGECANDYBURSTEXT   Orange Candy Burst Type Extract by Real Flavors
FLV-ORANGECITRUS   Orange Citrus by Flavorah
DOS-ORANGECREAM   Orange Cream - DIY One Shot
TPA-ORANGECREAMBAR   Orange Cream Bar Flavor by TFA / TPA
LA-ORANGECREAM   Orange Cream by LA

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