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1 ML Syringe 1 ML Syringe
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12 ML Syringe 10 ML Syringe
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20 ML Syringe 20 ML Syringe
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3 ML Syringe 3 ML Syringe
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30 ML Syringe 30 ML Syringe
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6 ML Syringe 6 ML Syringe
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60 ML CT Syringe 60 ML CT Syringe
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60 ML Syringe 60 ML Syringe
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DIY eJuice Syringes for Sale

When you're making your own e-juice, correct measurements are the most important part of the process. Using a disposable plastic syringe for each ingredient is the best way to keep your DIY juice kit ingredients fresh and uncontaminated, and to ensure you add exactly what you intended to add.

Here at DIY Flavours, we’ve got the selection of syringes you need to mix that perfect combination over and over again. You’ll find the following syringes sizes available here:

3mL 30mL

We also carry catheter tip and Luer Lock syringes, and each one comes in its own sterile packaging for safety and sanitation. Whether you're making a single small batch for yourself or a large batch of juice to share amongst friends, look no further for where to buy syringes – and at great prices, too. We also recommend buying a few more than you think you'll need just in case; you never know when you’ll need a few extras. Complete your DIY juice kit with a syringe or a few, and you’ll be puffing away in no time!