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VG - Vegetable Glycerin VG - Vegetable Glycerin
Price: $2.45
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VG - Vegetable Glycerin VG - Vegetable Glycerin - 4000 ML
Price: $39.95
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VG - Vegetable Glycerin VG - Vegetable Glycerin - 5 Gallon Pail
Price: $150.00
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Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Ensure that all the necessary components for your DIY e-liquid lifestyle are on hand. Any high-quality recipe includes a VG base to mix along with a PG base and any desired flavorings. We offer the best VG for e-juice, and at the best prices, too!

Shop our pages for pure VG and truly experience the relaxation of vaping with superior base ingredients combined with fresh flavors. Our product is genuine, 100% VG juice, designed for a satisfyingly smooth vapor. VG provides the lush vapor one comes to enjoy, and when blended with the right flavors, a bit of the sweetness is enhanced. Plus, VG is derived from vegetable oils, allowing for an excellent option for vegetarians and vegans! Choose from a variety of sizes depending on your needs. DIY Flavours caters to the individual who enjoys a casual hobby of making homemade e-liquid, or business owners seeking to keep supplies stocked for customers. And don't forget to create an account before purchase in order to collect points towards future rewards! We love our customers! Enjoy bulk buying discounts and FREE shipping on orders over $99 and weighing under 3.0 kg. Shop today!