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Blood Orange by One On One Flavors Blood Orange by One On One Flavors
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Churro by One On One Flavors Churro by One On One Flavors
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Cookie Dough by One On One Flavors Cookie Dough by One On One Flavors
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One on One e-Liquid Flavors

Crafting your own e-juice flavors is the best way to ensure you get the quality and flavor you want for vaping. One-on-One flavors offers a wide array of flavor options, including fruits, candies, cereals and desserts. Each flavor is balanced to ensure a great vaping experience without a strange aftertaste. Whether you're looking for fruit candy flavor concentrates such as watermelon and kiwi or want to replicate your favorite bread pudding dessert in e-liquid form, you're in the right place.

One-on-One cereal flavor eLiquids are among the brand's most popular offerings. Imagine sitting down to vape and enjoying the delicious flavor of your favorite marshmallow cereal or classic toasted oats. One-on-One offers a wide variety of cereal-inspired flavorings, so you’re sure to find a favorite. Round out the delicious breakfast flavor by adding extra cream or sweet cream flavorings to mimic the taste of cereal with milk.

Or maybe you have a sweet tooth that you want to indulge with a delicious vape flavor. One-on-One offers candy and dessert flavorings that truly stand out from the crowd. From green apple and gummy bear to creamy caramel and tasty toffee, there are candy flavors for every preference. The brand's food-grade dessert flavors also impress with great taste and quality. Choose one to try today and say hello to a whole new vaping experience!